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We make Greek pastry all year round, but only when we have orders to ensure freshness.

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Our pastries are all shortening free. We only use flour, eggs, sugar and milk.

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These Greek desserts are simply amazing! There might not be as cheap as large grocery stores, but they are quality desserts and worth every penny. Nick
Tasted the KOK (Boston cakes) in other pastry shops in Montreal, but these were the best that I've ever had. Anthoula
Was looking for the best Troureki, and I'm glad I tried it from here. It's simply perfect. George
My kids are alergic to eggs & milk. I asked for cookies without any eggs and milk. My kids tried the so called ' nistisima koulouria' and they loved them. We're regular customers now. We order these cookies at least once a month. Suzy

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We have practically most of the most popular Greek recipes available in YouTube. Feel free to go through our youtube channel.

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Please see our YouTube channel for Greek recipes and other topics.

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Our 'chef', was our mother. Although she was not a professional chef, the end result of each dish was amazing. We'll let you be the judge.

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