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We offer the ultimate place to shop online for desserts. We strive very hard to only use the highest quality all-natural ingredients. All of our desserts are preservative-free. We do not purchase pre-made ingredients.

We do NOT use any type of shortening, hydrogenated or not. All our desserts are made with wholesome ingredients like; flour, butter, fresh eggs and sugar.

Desserts are are freshly made only when an order is received.

Our desserts are a must-have on special occasions such as birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, parties, etc. You can now enjoy the same high quality desserts without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Only our 5-star recipes are listed here.

Last dessert price update: June 2017


Our specialties

Greek desserts

Greek pastry list
Pastry Name Photo Price
Amigthalota $$$
Baklava $$$
Donuts 'Paralias' $$$
Ekmek (Turkish) $$$
Fanouropita $$$
Galaktobouriko $$$
Halva $$$
Kadaifi $$$
KOK (Boston cakes) $$$
Koulouria 'Omonias' $$$
Koulouria Nistisima $$$
Koulouria Pashalina $$$
Kourabiethes $$$
Kourabiethes $$$
Melomakarona $$$
Methista $$$
Nougatina $$$
Paksimathia $$$
Rizogalo $$$
Spanakopitakia $$$
Stafithopsoma $$$
Thiplota $$$
Tiropitakia $$$
Tiganites $$$
Tsoureki $$$

French pastry list
Pastry Name Photo Price
Apple turnovers $$$
Chocolate mousse $$$
Christmas cookies $$$
Cinnamon bytes $$$
Ice creams $$$
Mille feuilles $$$
Macarons $$$
Pate a choux $$$