Question. What is Arni me patates sto fourno?
Answer. Arni me patates sto fourno is oven-baked lamb with potatoes Greek-style.

Oven-baked lamb shoulder with potatoes |
Oven-baked lamb shoulder with potatoes |

Tips, tricks and info on how to make oven-baked lamb shoulder with potatoes

There are no tips or tricks for this recipe. The only thing that you need to know is which part of the lamb to use, which is the shoulder. This recipe is extremely simple but with amazing results.

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Recipe instructions

    • Chop the garlic in thin slices, as shown.
    • Mix the salt and pepper and use some of the mixture to season the garlic.
    • Cut the meat if necessary so the meat will fit your roaster.
    • Pierce the meat and add the seasoned garlic into each cut.
    • Temporarily place the meat in a platter.
    • Add one layer of potatoes to the bottom of the roaster.
    • Mix the salt, pepper and spices and season the potatoes.
    • Add the oil specified in the recipe.
    • Place meat on potatoes.
    • Brush the meat with clarified butter specified in the recipe.
    • Season both sides of the meat with salt and pepper.
    • Add the lemon juice specified by the recipe.
    • Cover the roaster.
    • Baste the meat every 30 minutes for the first hour and a half.
    • Bake at 350 deg. F at middle rack, for 2-3 hours or until meat and potatoes are very tender  and until all juices have evaporated and only the oil is left in the roaster.

NOTE: If this Greek recipe is of interest to you, you may watch our video with step by step instructions and precise ingredient amounts; Arni me patates sto fourno video

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