Bakaliaros tiganitos

Question. What is Bakaliaros tiganitos?
Answer. Bakaliaro tiganitos is one of the most widely eaten fish in Greece. The wild cod fillets are dipped in batter and then deep fried. Bakaliaros is always eaten with garlic sauce (skorthalia). There is also the salted dried cod version that is cooked the same way. The only difference is that it has to be soaked in water for at least 24 hours, in order to remove some of the saltiness, prior to cooking it.

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The bread crumbs keeps the fish more intact, and also a nicer color developes, in comparison to using only flour. Skorthalia goes extremely well with Bakaliaro (Wild cod fillets) and bread.

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Recipe directions

  • Blend the eggs.
  • Pour some oil into the pan and turn heat to medium.
  • Dip the fish into the egg wash and then into the breadcrumbs.
  • When the edge has turned to a light brown color turn the fish over.
  • Add some lemon to taste.

NOTE: If this Greek recipe is of interest to you, you may watch our video with step by step instructions and precise ingredient amounts; Bakaliaros tiganitos vdeo

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