Question. What is Kadaifi (kataifi)?
Answer. Kadaifi is a popular greek pastry made with kadaifi dough (shredded phyllo dough), nuts and syrop (originating from the Middle East). The syrup is made by heating water, sugar (or honey), spices and zest from fruit.The nut mixture is scooped into strips of kadaifi dough and baked.

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  • Melt the butter and set aside.
  • Create the filling mixture.
  • Mix all ingredients well and set filling aside.
  • Thoroughly oil the pan using the melted butter, and set aside.
  • With 33 rectangular kadaifi dough sections, about 10 to 12" long and no more than 3" wide, you will fill up one pan. This will use up all the nuts mixture, but will have about 1/2 a pound of kadaifi dough left over. You can freeze it and use it another time.
  • Spread the Kadaifi dough, as shown.
  • Moisten the dough with butter, add one tablespoon of filling and shape into a cylinder shape.
  • Once the pan is full, drizzle one tablespoon of butter on each piece, as shown.
  • Bake at 350 F, at middle rack for 60-80 minutes or until golden brown. If color is not golden brown in 80 minutes, use top element (broil) for a couple of minutes more to give it desired color.
  • Pour the cold syrop over the hot kadaifi or vice versa.
  • All the pieces should be submerged in syrop, except the the very top portion of the kadaifi dough.

NOTE: Si cette recette grecque vous intéresse, s'il vous plaît regarder notre vidéo d'instructions étape par étape pour les quantités d'ingrédients précises. Kadaifi video

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