Miala tiganita

Question. What is Miala tiganita?
Answer. Miala tiganita are veal brains that are breaded and fried. Once cooked, they are sprinkled with lemon juice to taste, and garnished with parsley. They are served as an appetizer.

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  • Rince the brains thoroughly.
  • Season with  salt and blanch the  brains by  boiling for a few minutes, while skimming the surface as needed.
  • Next, discard the water, and rince with cold water. If applicable, remove any large membranes or nerves as possible, shown next.
  • Be gentle when removing any nerves because you can very easily tear large chunks off, as shown. If you cannot remove them, leave as is.
  • Add fresh water and lemon juice, and bring to a slow simmer.
  • After 20 minutes, remove from water, cut in small pieces and set aside.
  • Next, we will prepare the batter.
  • Dip each piece in the breadcrumb mixture.
  • Discard any remaining breadcrumbs.
  • Fry the breaded brains in preheated oil.
  • Fry for a few minutes per side, or until a nice color develops.
  • Add lemon juice to taste (the more the better).

NOTE: If this Greek recipe is of interest to you, you may watch our video with step by step instructions and precise ingredient amounts. Miala tiganita video

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