Question. What are Rathikia?
Answer. Rathikia are dandelions. Dandelion is found as weeds in your yard and garden.  The growing period is between early spring until late fall. They are simple to prepare. They can also be added to salads or soups.  This FREE,easy growing, and healthy plant is a wonderful addition to your recipes.
NOTE: To remove the bitterness from dandelions that have already flowered, you can blanch them in a pot of boiling salted water, drain, and blanch them again, before cooking them.
HEALTH: Dandelions are high in vitamin A and C. Dandelions have more iron than spinach. The milky sap is used as an effective wart remover. It is a natural diuretic and the roots as one of the best laxatives ever. Dandelions help produce some of the world’s best honey.

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